Welcome to Serendipity!

Photography by Nina Ahtola

Welcome to Serendipity! We are a small pub and art café located in the heart of Karis/Karjaa in southern Finland. Only an hour away from Helsinki you’ll find us nestled away in what looks like a regular Finnish home from the outside, inside you’ll find Serendipity! The pub was founded over 20 years ago and although it has changed somewhat throughout the years, the spirit remains the same. The house itself has been standing right here in this spot for over a century and we hope it will continue to do so for many years to come.

We took over ownership of Serendipity in 2013, a very strange decision considering we did not have any background whatsoever in the business of running bars or serving burgers. But hey, what you don’t know, you’ll learn. And a learning process it has been. After almost five years of doing this, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of how much there is to get a grip of when it comes to the business of booze, burgers and life with a bar.

The summer of 2018 was smoking hot and our garden was full.

The summer of 2018 was smoking hot and our garden was full.

Over the years we’ve have tried to expand the pub, without hurting it’s identity too much. After all, a pub that has existed for over 20 years is already a miracle in itself. And a pub which aims to draw in crowds of all ages and backgrounds is close to impossible to sustain. But, we’re very happy to say that the pub has in the past few years become more of a living room than just a restaurant, a charm that has somehow always been associated with this establishment. All are welcome.


Last year we renovated the top floor to better suit our customers needs. We cut down a few trees to let in some more light to our garden, and the trees then became custom-built tables and benches for our bar and garden. We try to do our best to serve amazing and great food, without being too fancy for those who just want to go out for dinner and not worry about which fork to use (we serve mostly burgers, so your hands will do fine).

We pride ourselves in having a huge collection of drinks and beverages in general. For instance, we have well over 30 different kinds of beer. There is also non-alcoholic options, and of course we serve milkshakes! Our milkshakes are the bomb!

Our tables are handcrafted and made by trees that stood in our garden.

Our tables are handcrafted and made by trees that stood in our garden.


The pub has an upstairs floor that you can rent for private parties or events. We have a projector, a small stage and this room works well for meetings or conferences as well as smaller scaled parties or bashes. We can cater your events to best suit you, so if you need food and venue, come to us and get an estimate.

In the garden we built a stage which works perfect for bands or other performers during the summer months. We try to book as many bands as we can throughout the year, as well as other artists who want to display their art on our walls. We also organize pub quizzes or other open events.

We are open six days a week all year long, with the exception of Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve, and New Year's Eve. Serendipity is owned and operated by Andreas Mavrostomos.

Welcome! P.S. Dogs are welcome inside.

Live music in the garden, Summer of 2018.

Live music in the garden, Summer of 2018.